Monday, August 27, 2012

8 weeks today!  I honestly don’t feel that pregnant – in fact when we went in for the ultrasound on the 17th I had been concerned that I didn’t feel pregnant enough and was worried something had happened.  Other than just being really tired and a little bit of morning sickness, this has been a breeze so far!

I hate to jinx it though as I know it’s going to be much harder the further along we go.

I’m having a lot of heartburn and indigestion lately.  I read that it happens more frequently and earlier (as in the 7th – 8th weeks) with multiples.  I’ve just gotten used to carrying Tums around with me everywhere.  I’ve also noticed a decrease in my appetite.  While I’m really hungry often, a few bites in and I’m totally full.  It took me 8 hours and 3 separate attempts but I conquered a whole entrĂ©e from Olive Garden yesterday!

Friday we have our second ultrasound – the babies should be the size of gummy bears around then.  Very exciting!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Friday 8/17 we went to our sonogram appointment.  M. got to be there with us, which was really great.

As we were waiting for the doctor to come in and get to business the three of us, Josh, M. and myself were talking about how easy M. has it.  He only has to show up to appointments – he doesn’t have to deal with the day to day of taking care of a pregnant woman. (Not that it’s that hard though)  No running out in the middle of the night to satiate a cupcake craving.  (Josh did that a few times when I was pregnant with Ben)

The doctor came in and within a few minutes we saw two black blobs on the screen.  In each one was a tiny grey little bean with a beating heart.

That’s right folks, it’s TWINS!

M. was elated.  I know that I felt it was going to be twins before we even did the transfer, but seeing it on the screen made it much more real, especially since my symptoms have been fairly easy to deal with.  I actually told the doctor I didn’t feel pregnant enough and had worried something had changed since the beta tests.

As we were leaving M. insisted that I call him if I needed anything.  Of course, I wouldn’t call him for anything simple like needing a maternity bra now or a belly band because my pants are uncomfortable.  I have a monthly allowance that provides for those kinds of things.  So, Friday evening we were texting about the due date and again he insisted I tell him if I needed anything.  I replied with, “I promise to let you know if I need anything other than cupcakes.” 

Saturday morning there was a knock on my door and a cupcake delivery!

I have the best IF!

We have our next sonogram appointment on the 31st.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So I can honestly say in the week, and especially the last few days, I have really started to “feel” pregnant.

First, there is the feeling that I have a brick sitting in my lower abdomen.  The heaviness is most likely attributed to the extra fluids and blood flow that is going on in my uterus, but it just makes me feel heavy.

I’ve been very tired…. Like going to bed at 9pm kind of tired.  Taking naps before bed kind of tired.  You get the picture.

I’ve been a little nauseated but so far nothing’s come back up.  This is a huge concern if mine and was one of the greatest concerns both Josh and I had when I decided to become a surrogate.  When I was pregnant with our son I had hyperemesis – it’s basically extreme morning sickness where the woman can’t keep anything down.  I was hospitalized for a couple of days to rehydrate me and make sure I could keep something down.  It was emotionally taxing on both of us – I was depressed that I couldn’t eat, and Josh had to do EVERYTHING around the house. 

I doubt I will have the same problem this time though – by 6 weeks I was already spending half my day over the toilet. 


Lastly, CRAVINGS!!  Like I said before, with my son I was sick so much I was happy to get anything down so I really didn’t have cravings… at least not until later on.  I wanted chocolate baked goods and milk every night. 

Right now – I want Ice… Sonic Ice in particular.  Since I’ve been a little queasy cold things sound really good – cold fruit like grapes and oranges.  Oh and the babies have told me that they are particularly fond of Mexican food on a number of occasions.  And Breakfast – but not at breakfast time, at dinner time instead. 

Both the genetic father and mother are at least partially Hispanic so I think the babies just want home cookin’ ;)

Friday, we go in and have the sonogram to confirm that there are, and only are, two little beans in there.  I’m really hoping to get a sonogram pic and will be posting it for sure, if I do. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I had my third and last beta yesterday and it was a REALLY high number – 13708!  Just to put it in perspective, the average for twins at 18dp5dt is 5800.  We don’t really think it’s triplets or anything like that, just two really happy little beans!  M. is ecstatic!

I really started feeling pregnant a few days ago.  I have been very tired and a little nauseated, but it’s not been too bad.

We have our sonogram scheduled for 8/17 so we can find out for sure how many babies there are.

It’s just moving right along.

So today I am officially 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant!