Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm really pregnant!

Yesterday morning Josh (my DH) and I drove out to Fort Worth for my first beta test.  For those not familiar, a beta blood test looks for the amount of HcG (the pregnancy hormone) in your blood.  An average number for a single baby is between 50-100 at the number of days past ovulation I am (14 or 9dp5dt). 

My beta was 220!!

First off, it’s a great solid number.  At the very least it indicates that we should have at least one very healthy baby snuggled in.  It could also mean we are looking at twins, but it is still really early to be sure.  Our 6 week sonogram will give us a more definite answer which should be right around the beginning of September.

When I told M. what the number was he said “OMG there are like 15 people I need to text!” – He was very excited!

I can’t say that I feel very pregnant yet, other than just being really tired.  Naps are glorious things and I wish my office allowed me to take one around 3pm every afternoon. 

So, we repeat the beta test tomorrow (8/1/12) to make sure it is doubling enough.  Basically, you want the HcG to be increasing at least 50% for every 48 hours, or better. 

I’m going to take a wild guess that it’s going to be 485 tomorrow… we’ll see how accurate I am then.

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