Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Weeks

A total of 65 shots in my rear end. 

It’s been tough to be committed every night to bruises, lumps, and soreness.  I’m so glad it’s over.

At this point, I’m officially off all of my IVF medications and only required to take my pre-natal vitamins.  It’s so nice not to have to remember to take a pill three times a day as well as being ready for a shot every night.

Next Wednesday, 7/19 I have an appointment with a doctor who is pro-VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) with twins.  He’s about the only doctor in the DFW metroplex who is not only comfortable but advocates for natural births.  I’d really like the opportunity to try for a natural birth and I know that my current OB, though I really like her, is not as supportive. 

On 9/25 we have an appointment with a Perinatalogist.  She will do more in-depth measurements as time goes on to make sure that both the babies are growing at close to the same rate.  It’s very important that we keep an eye on that just in case one twin starts to lag behind.  M. is planning on being at this appt. so he can help fill in questions about genetics that I don’t have answers for.  It should be a very interesting appointment and we should get another ultrasound.

We’ll be 12 weeks (3 months) on the 24th so the babies should actually kind of look more like babies and not like gummy bear aliens.


  1. Hey, K, one of my MOMS Club friends is a doula who is VERY active in the homebirth/"natural" birth community here in the DFW area. I can hook you up with her if you are interested, or even just looking for recommendations about doctors or hospitals that are supportive of the type of birth you are after.


    1. Thanks so much - I actually have a doula and a new OB now so *fingers crossed* things work out like we'd like them to.